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When Bankruptcy Distracts From Your Divorce — and Vice-Versa

Today’s trying economic times have pushed many personal relationships to the breaking point. Some married couples want to be divorced but do not think they can afford it.

If you are wondering about the impact of a consumer bankruptcy filing on a marriage or divorce, or whether you can afford to “go it alone,” you should speak with an experienced bankruptcy and family law attorney: John-Paul LaPré in Marlborough.

We have successfully counseled individuals, couples, families and businesses on bankruptcy protection strategies for over 30 years. We have guided many Massachusetts clients, people just like you, back to a sound financial footing, while preserving family assets.

Jack LaPré listens. He blends what he learns from your conversations with his own legal knowledge, then formulates cost-effective solutions for you.

You should not have to sacrifice your personal relationship to achieve financial security. You should not have to sacrifice your income or savings to acquire the divorce you are seeking.

If you are involved with a divorce, consulting with attorney LaPré before filing a bankruptcy is very wise. Also, if you are already in bankruptcy and a divorce may be next: Stop! Think! Consult with Jack LaPré before taking that next step. It could save you a lot of trouble, and money. Divorce and bankruptcy, like water and oil, do not mix well.

Contact our respected bankruptcy law firm today. Our phone number for Metro West, Framingham and Southborough clients is 508-481-3665. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

Skilled Massachusetts Attorney Jack LaPré has Sound Legal and Financial Advice

A bankruptcy filing, in some cases, can make the divorce process easier, depending on community debt issues. Most couples are wise to finalize a divorce first, establishing property division before seeking bankruptcy protection. Other couples come to a bankruptcy lawyer in a united effort, and evenly divide expenses.

If your bankruptcy and divorce goals clash with those of your spouse, and negotiations do not produce results, we can aggressively represent your interests in bankruptcy litigation.

Regardless of your marital status — whether you are a young adult, baby boomer or senior citizen — we protect your right to debt relief and a brighter future for your family.

Contact the Law Office of John-Paul LaPré for a free initial consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Our offices are centrally located on Route 20, with easy access from Route 495 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

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