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Baby Boomers and Bankruptcy

How Bankruptcy Can Benefit Members of Our Aging Population

If you were born in the years following World War II, you are considered a “baby boomer.” Your generation’s gradual transition to senior citizen status has been hampered by a failing national economy, a fixed income that does not buy what it used to and an uneasiness over the stability of Social Security.

If you are considering a personal bankruptcy filing to keep you and your family afloat, the Law Office of John-Paul LaPré in Marlborough, Massachusetts, can help.

We protect the rights of our state’s aging population with consumer bankruptcy legal advice that works. Jack LaPré thoughtfully counsels members of the baby boomer generation, just as he has advised a wide variety of bankruptcy clients over the past 30 years. He customizes his representation to suit your specific needs. He works toward solid, cost-effective solutions.

If you are a baby boomer whose financial difficulties demand immediate attention from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, Jack LaPré can help. Contact us for a free consultation. Metro West, Southborough and Framingham clients can reach us at 508-481-3665.

Whether You Are a Baby Boomer or Senior Citizen, Jack LaPré Can Help

You have worked hard throughout your life. Chances are, you have rarely missed a day on the job. But economic times are tough. The bills are piling up. You may be wondering where true debt relief will come from.

Creditors could be harassing you over mortgage or motor vehicle loan payments, credit card debt or medical bills. You need proven solutions. You need them now.

Jack LaPré works hard to establish and earn your trust. He wants you to know how easy a fixed income can work for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. He wants to help you realize the secure retirement you envisioned for so many years.

For the quality representation that your unique problems demand, contact us. We have the experience, skills and client commitment that can make a difference.

Your initial consultation is free of charge.

For Your Fresh Start, Contact Our Marlborough Law Offices

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