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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Attorney John-Paul LaPré has the experience to help you

civil litigation attorney John-paul lapre

Attorney John-Paul LaPré has more than thirty years of experience representing clients in many types of civil litigation matters. He has assisted thousands of people with the just resolution of their disputes. Areas of his civil litigation are now limited to the following types of cases:

  • Collection cases, including FDCPA claims under both Massachusetts laws and Federal Statutes.
  • Consumer protection under M.G.L. c. 93A.
  • Creditor demands and lawsuits filed against you illegally demanding money.
  • Incidents involving property and personal injury, and claims against aggressive auto drivers.

If you are being sued for a collection matter, maybe an overdue credit card, you have certain protections under the FDCPA. You may need an attorney to represent you against the aggressive collections attorney. If you have such a claim, you need to speak with Attorney LaPré, because you have only one (1) year to file your claim under these protective laws. Sometimes violation of the collections laws can lead to the collection agent paying you actual damages, and maybe even your attorney fees. In some situations, the aggressive collection agent and attorney may be illegally making a claim, or suing. Then, under the Consumer Protection Laws of Massachusetts, a court might double or triple your actual damages.

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