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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Family Law

family law divorce custody metro west attorney

Not much in the broad area of Law is more difficult than Family Law. Many people discover they must deal with Family Law when they are in the midst of a crisis that involves matters of Divorce, Separation, Paternity, Visitation, Child Custody/Support or other issues that arise in a relationship.

When you come in to meet Jack, you will immediately be put at ease. He listens intently. Through decades of experience he balances empathy with knowledge as he draws you out and gets a picture of what is happening and how it is affecting you, and other members of your family.

Family Law Attorney John-Paul LaPré, in Marlborough MA, has helped clients deal with these emotionally charged, stressful family matters, and to move forward with their lives. He knows how to help you manage and get past your legal challenges.

Clients benefit from Jack LaPré’s experience to resolve complex Family Law issues. He helps people find creative, unique solutions for their Family Law matters, including the following areas:

  • Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Paternity and Relocation (Removal issues)
  • Modifications of Separation Agreements or Judgments
  • Alimony
  • Discovery of Assets
  • Property Settlements
  • Contempt proceedings
  • Bankruptcy and Family Law Interaction
  • Pre-Nuptial & Post-Marital Agreements

Massachusetts has a reasonably new Alimony Law, which provides for four (4) different types of alimony. They are categorized according to the term, or duration of the marriage, and each has a different period of time that alimony must be paid relative to the length of the marriage. It provides a formula for payment. It changes when one begins to count the number of months to include a period of time that the parties lived together. It changes the rights of former spouses relative to each other on such things as co-habitation after divorce, and whether the payor spouse must continue paying alimony after retirement.

This is a complicated Family Law, and still undergoing legal challenges in the Appellate Courts of Massachusetts, including the Supreme Judicial Court. These courts are refining the meaning of the statute, and defining your rights. You need someone who will continue to monitor closely those appellate decisions to aid you in your case.

Civil Litigation

civil litigation attorney John-paul lapre

Attorney John-Paul LaPré has more than thirty years of experience representing clients in many types of civil litigation matters. He has assisted thousands of people with the just resolution of their disputes. Areas of his civil litigation are now limited to the following types of cases:

  • Collection cases, including FDCPA claims under both Massachusetts laws and Federal Statutes.
  • Consumer protection under M.G.L. c. 93A.
  • Creditor demands and lawsuits filed against you illegally demanding money.
  • Incidents involving property and personal injury, and claims against aggressive auto drivers.

If you are being sued for a collection matter, maybe an overdue credit card, you have certain protections under the FDCPA. You may need an attorney to represent you against the aggressive collections attorney. If you have such a claim, you need to speak with Attorney LaPré, because you have only one (1) year to file your claim under these protective laws. Sometimes violation of the collections laws can lead to the collection agent paying you actual damages, and maybe even your attorney fees. In some situations, the aggressive collection agent and attorney may be illegally making a claim, or suing. Then, under the Consumer Protection Laws of Massachusetts, a court might double or triple your actual damages.

Personal Injury to Bicyclists

personal injury attorney metrowest

The most recent stats from the NHTSA indicate that every year 50,000 people in the U.S. are injured in accidents involving a motor vehicle and a bicycle. Some people are damaged so seriously their lives will never again be the same. If you were injured in such a crash, you need the services of Attorney John-Paul LaPré a Marlborough personal injury attorney.

Nearly all bicycle accidents involving motorists are caused by negligent drivers. They change lanes or make turns into other streets and do not see the bicyclist. Other common accidents occur when a driver makes a sudden turn without signaling and the bicyclist cannot avoid crashing into the vehicle.

No matter how much protective gear bicyclists wear, like helmets, gloves, knee pads and more, they are still vulnerable to serious injury when involved in a vehicular accident. If this happened to you, you know that you are piling up medical bills, possibly unable to work so you are losing income. You are wracked with worry about how you will ever recover from not only your injury, but also your financial loss.

When you are at your most vulnerable, insurance companies are noted for offering low-settlements. They want you to take their money and sign a release agreeing the case is settled and over. This may be tempting, but research shows this is definitely not in your best interest. Such offers are generally made before you even know the extent of your injuries and whether you will need on-going or future medical care or time off work to heal. You need a Marlborough personal injury attorney who can properly assess your case and determine the extent of your damages.

Bankruptcy Law

An alert from the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys: Bankruptcy Filers Beware: Con-Artists Posing as Attorneys

bankruptcy metrowest boston attorney2Dread opening your mailbox? Worry when you hear the phone ring? Are you losing sleep over money you owe or frightened by the prospect of losing your home to foreclosure? Is the constant harassment of creditors and bill collectors making your life miserable? Attorney John-Paul LaPré can, either help you deal directly with your credit collectors, banks or other creditors, or take you through the steps necessary to file for Bankruptcy protection.
For more than 30 years, Jack LaPré has guided individuals and families to financial recovery, and helped them obtain a renewed belief in themselves through Bankruptcy protection.

  • Don’t throw those notices away.
  • Stop avoiding every telephone call.
  • Save that car.
  • Keep your home.

Marlborough, Westborough, Northborough, Framingham, Natick, Worcester, Boylston, Shrewsbury, Hudson and additional towns in Metrowest, Middlesex County and central Worcester County, are the geographic areas Jack serves on a regular basis. Jack LaPré will help you put your life back together, and improve your self-image and confidence. Let’s start getting some peace of mind back into your life!

Attorney LaPré will first look for ways to help you deal with your debts and creditors outside of bankruptcy. He firmly believes that bankruptcy should be the last resort. However, in many cases filing bankruptcy is the best answer to debt problems. You will find relief and get a fresh start financially with this debt management option. Jack will help you find ways to manage your debt problems efficiently, and to ensure that you have done everything you must to get approval from the courts. This is of particular importance when your assets and property holdings are large and your financial picture is complex.

Jack’s comprehensive knowledge of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Federal Bankruptcy protections can help you avoid foreclosure on your home, or a repossession of your car or truck, and the collateral damage to your credit rating.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: This is known as Liquidation. However, it truly allows a “fresh start” by discharging your consumer debt. It is most frequently used for personal financial relief, and protection of assets. Most – if not all – of your debts are eliminated quickly, and you will usually keep all your assets and property. You must meet certain requirements and income restrictions to file Chapter 7, and in some instances there may be a liquidation of certain assets that are not protected by the asset exemptions that the bankruptcy law allows. Attorney LaPré knows how to best use those exemptions to your benefit. He will educate you about those exemptions, and how they work to protect your estate.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: this is known as reorganization. Through his thorough knowledge of Chapter 13, Attorney LaPré will get some or most of your debt discharged, while not only protecting assets, but also doing certain other things within the parameters of Bankruptcy Law, such as sometimes being able to eliminate a second mortgage entirely, or reducing the interest and balance owed on auto loans. There are qualifiers built into the law that provide for these benefits of Bankruptcy Law, and Jack LaPré knows when they will apply and will inform you. With a court-approved debt repayment plan, Chapter 13 stops foreclosure, repossession and creditor harassment, and helps you reorganize the debts in a way that better meets your income and your family needs.

There are numerous reasons for debt problems, including: illness and medical expenses, loss of a job, divorce, and difficult economic times. With over thirty years of experience Jack LaPré knows how to explain your choices and options clearly and thoughtfully. You will feel relieved and more knowledgeable about your rights after your very first consultation with Attorney LaPré.

Get the legal advice, counsel and representation you need to resolve your debt problems whether through Bankruptcy, litigation, negotiation, or other ways, and to obtain the protection you need.

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