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Defining the Term “Mortgage Arrearage”

Have you wondered what is meant by the term “mortgage arrearage?” As Bankruptcy Law Network member Jonathan Ginsberg explains, a mortgage arrearage simply refers to any missed mortgage payments. If, for example, you did not pay your mortgage in January and February, those two months would be in arrearage. As […]

How Is My Chapter 13 Plan Payment Determined?

The most important thing my Chapter 13 clients want to know is how much their Chapter 13 Plan payment will be. They ask this question at our initial meeting, before their case is filed, and during the period before their Chapter 13 Plan is confirmed. Of course. It is probably […]

Bankruptcy Myths

Straight Talk About the Benefits of Consumer Bankruptcy When the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention Consumer Protection Act was passed in October of 2005, misconceptions about the changes in bankruptcy law sprung up almost immediately. For instance: a bankruptcy filing would not be available if you have a job; medical debt could […]

When Bankruptcy Distracts From Your Divorce — and Vice-Versa

Today’s trying economic times have pushed many personal relationships to the breaking point. Some married couples want to be divorced but do not think they can afford it. If you are wondering about the impact of a consumer bankruptcy filing on a marriage or divorce, or whether you can afford […]

How Can I Avoid Repossession?

Consumer Bankruptcy Law Protects You Against Repossession If you have encountered financial hard times and fallen behind on car or truck loan payments, your bank or lender may have threatened you with repossession of your motor vehicle. You have legal options that can preserve your investment in your vehicle. You […]

Baby Boomers and Bankruptcy

How Bankruptcy Can Benefit Members of Our Aging Population If you were born in the years following World War II, you are considered a “baby boomer.” Your generation’s gradual transition to senior citizen status has been hampered by a failing national economy, a fixed income that does not buy what […]

What Happens When Your Car is Repossessed?

You rely on your car to get you places. When your mobility is jeopardized, you may be unable to get to work, to drive your kids to school, or to run regular errands…Check out this article that I recently made contributions to. In this article, I caution that financial responsibility is […]

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